Aspire Nautilus Prime RBA Rebuildable coil in Ireland.

With these rebuildable coils, you can forget about buying Nautilus stock coils all the time for your Aspire Nautilus Prime vape kits. Just get one of these coils and you can rebuild them whenever you like or feel like you need a new coil. This RBA coil gives you the possibility to create and adjust your vaping style to your own needs, with endless build options and wide choice of coil materials and cotton used.

Aspire Nautilus Prime RBA Coil in Ireland features:

  • Type: Rebuildable
  • Airflow: Not adjustable
  • Resistance: Rebuildable
  • Suitable For: Aspire Nautilus Prime Kit / Pod

Aspire Nautilus Prime RBA Build Tutorial:

  • 11.80€
  • Ex Tax: 9.76€
  • Brand: Aspire
  • Product Code: Nautilus Prime RBA
  • Availability: 2


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