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Berries Watermelon - Calipro Disposable Vape in Ireland.

IVG Calipro Berries Watermelon is a flavor of the disposable vape pen that combines the sweet and juicy taste of ripe watermelon with the tart and tangy flavor of mixed berries. This e-liquid is designed to provide a refreshing and fruity vaping experience that is perfect for anyone who enjoys fruit-flavored vapes. 

When you inhale the vapor from the IVG Calipro Berries Watermelon, you'll taste the sweet, juicy flavor of watermelon, which is immediately followed by a burst of tangy mixed berries. The berries provide a tartness that balances out the sweetness of the watermelon, resulting in a well-rounded and flavorful vape. One of the benefits of this flavor is that it's not overpowering or too sweet, making it a great option for all-day vaping. The flavor is well-balanced and not too heavy, so it won't leave a lingering aftertaste in your mouth.

Overall, IVG Calipro Berries Watermelon is a delicious and refreshing flavor that is sure to satisfy anyone who enjoys fruit-flavored vapes.

Berries Watermelon disposable vape pen specs:

  • Nicotine: 20 mg/ml Nicotine Salt
  • Volume: 2 ml
  • Battery capacity: 580 mAh
  • Coil type: Mesh coil
  • Puffs: Up to 600 puffs
  • Nicotine dose per pen: 40 mg
  • Nicotine per puff: 66.7 mcg/puff
  • Build material: Plastic

Please note: This device contains a Li-Ion battery! Please respect the environment and recycle responsibly!

  • 7.49€
  • Ex Tax: 6.09€

  • 5 or more 7.00€
  • 10 or more 6.50€


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