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Spare Aspire Tigon coils for Tigon vape tanks and Aspire Mulus Kits in Ireland. The Aspire Tigon coils are great for flavor production and create decent clouds. Tigon coils have organic cotton wicking, Nichrome (Ni80) coil material ensures purity of flavor and longlivity of the coil. The Aspire Tigon coils are constructed from high grade nichrome wire for a smooth, even vape and feature a handy push-fit mechanism for easy fitting.

The 1.2 oHm coil option is best suited for use with either a classic or nicotine salt based e-liquid and up to 50/50 VG/PG mix, while the 0.4 oHm coil performs best when vaped with a higher VG e-Liquid.

Aspire Tigon /Mulus Coil in Ireland specs:

  • Resistance - 0.4 Ω or 1.2 Ω
  • Wire: Ni80
  • Rating: 10-12 W (1.2 oHm) and 23-28 W (0.4 oHm)
  • Suitable for: Aspire Tigon and Aspire Mulus Kits

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  • Brand: Aspire
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