Nicotine Shots

Nicotine Shots

What are Nicotine shots?

Nicotine shots also called Nic Shots or Nic Boosters are flavourless e-liquids (bases) that are meant to be added to other flavoured e-liquids to add them the nicotine content. Here at, we provide a variety of different types of NicShots ranging from different manufacturers and PG/VG proportions and nicotine strengths as well.

History of NicShots, Nicotine Boosters

Back in 2017, when the new EU Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) was implemented across all EU countries, all vapers were limited to use only 10 ml bottle sizes of e-juice that contained nicotine. This legislation caused some inconvenience to vapers, that were using high power devices (Sub-Ohm devices), because of the rather large e-liquid consumption these Sub-Ohm devices have. If before a sub-omer could get and vape a single 30 ml bottle a day at an attractive price, now they had to purchase 3 x 10 ml bottles. This did drive up the expenses for vapers and also increased the plastic waste production across EU. To battle that an alternative was born - The Short Fill system for vapers.

Now a new range of products was introduced on the market - a large volume bottle of flavoured e-juice without nicotine, that had a space left in the bottle for NicShots. It has become an industry standard 60 ml bottle with 50 ml of e-juice in them or 120 ml bottle with 100 ml of e-liquid in them.

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